I'm a new user to SmarterMeasure. How do I create my account?

There are a few reasons a student might have trouble with the First Time User login.  These are the most common cases and solutions:
1. You were never given a username and password.  
Please review the instructions that led you to SmarterMeasure in the first place.  Whether it is a printout or a website, your login info is probably there.  This login will be the same user/pass for all students in your respective group.  If the information is not there, your instructor or adviser will need to assign you the correct username and password.  Each school has several possible username/password combinations, and only the person who assigned SmarterMeasure to you knows which one that is.
2. You are trying to use a password that is specific to you, such as your school or LMS login.
Please see above for an explanation of First Time User logins.  Please also note that a PIN is not necessary for logging in as a First Time User.
3. You have the correct user/pass, but get the following message: The username and/or password was not correct. Please try again.
You may have a typo in the password.  Sometimes numbers and letters look alike.  For instance, if one of the characters in your password appears to be the number one, try typing the lower-case letter l instead.
4. You can't type in the username field, or there are no usernames to select in the box.
The username field is a dropdown box.  You won't be able to type in it, but rather have to click the down arrow to make your username selection.  If you do not see any usernames in the box, your browser or browser settings are not currently compatible with the assessment.  Please try using an alternate browser to take SmarterMeasure.  If you are using a mobile device and none of your available browsers are showing you a username to select, you will need to access the assessment from a desktop or laptop instead.
5. You are a prospective student and want to take SmarterMeasure as a guest user, but the school has not provided a guest user login for you.
Please contact the school you are interested in to see if they offer guest logins for prospective students.  We cannot provide a guest login to you through the support help desk.

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