Create a Student Exception

Create a Student Exception in SmarterProctoring
You can make the exception by following these instructions:
  1. From your course in your learning management system (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), find and click SmarterProctoring.
  2. From your instructor dashboard in SmarterProctoring, locate your exam and click on the 'Edit Exam' link located next to the Exam Dashboard button.
  3. You will come to a page titled 'Update Exam'. Scroll to the bottom of this page and locate the last section titled 'Student Exceptions'. 
  4. Click on the green button labeled 'Create Student Exception'. 
  5. Select the name of the student from the dropdown menu and click next.
  6. Proceed to set the exception for the student and be sure to click 'Save' in order to make the change final.
  7. Inform the student as quickly as possible that you have created the exception so that he/she may reschedule through SmarterProctoring.

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